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Mediark -------


  Make people all over the world ”SMILE” through medical devices

Message from top management

Among foreign medical device manufacturers entered the Japan market, its unique medical system and business practices could occasionally become obstacles to promote medical devices.

Advanced medical care diversifies medical devices, and expertness and precise support are essential in sales.But very few distributors can meet these needs.

We have received many good results and high reputations in sales of large medical device from our wide experience with medical device manufacturers and distributors.

We aim to become a dedicated distributor who can serve as a bridge between each hospital department through radiological equipment.


Takashi Sako / President

Mediark Inc.

Company Profile

Company Name

Mediark Inc.

​Business Lineup
  • Importing and sales of medical devices.

  • Maintenance and repair service.


May 15, 2015


Takashi Sako


【Head office】

    Ryogokutakahashi Building

    2-17-3 Ryogoku Sumida-ku,

    Tokyo 130-0026, JAPAN

【Satellite office】

 Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Sendai, Sapporo

  • MRI system

  • CT system

  • Body composition meter

 【Authorized distributor】

  •   Esaote (Italy) Dedicated MRI system​

Regulatory licenses
  • Manufacturing and Sales License of Class 1 Medical Devices

  • Manufacturing License of Medical Devices

  • Sales and Leasing License of Specially Controlled Medical Devices

  • Repair License of Medical Devices

​​   And more

※Please contact us if you have any questions or comments.

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